Some new art classes for me to teach.








I had a great time teaching the art group who meet most weeks at The Stable, Newmarket, in February. There were a few familiar faces there from my old Racing Centre classes, and they have all improved a lot in the time since I last saw their work. It was a real pleasure to see how they have developed.

I was a bit rusty with the teaching, as it’s been a while, but the session went well and I was encouraged by some of the results. It’s run on a Thursday afternoon and is pretty well attended.

I will be teaching another art group new to me, The Rudham Art Group, from March. They meet at East Rudham, Norfolk.

They are very keen to see how I approach drawing and painting horses. Teaching is a wonderful thing to do, it allows one to share enthusiasms and ideas in a very positive way.  I get a lot from it, and it’s sometimes a two-way process, so I think it even helps my own work.


March is time for the Cheltenham festival and I will have some paintings on show on the racecourse, with David Fish on his Conversation Pieces/Ascot Gallery stand.

With the normal Cheltenham crowds allowed back in for the first time in two years, lets see how it goes.

Plenty of commissions and other projects keep popping up too, and  just as I seem to be going quiet, work-wise, something else comes in, thank goodness! Living as a professional artist can be a precarious business, but I am gratified that my work and reputation are now keeping me well supplied with work.