Lockdown Days

The Covid-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone, but for a professional artist it has meant a total lack of sales outlets being available, with the one exception of the internet. Thank goodness for having a functioning website!

This month I was delighted to receive a commission from the website from some lovely people in Sussex, for a painting of the Elite Racing race-mare ‘Marsha’.


Painting a commission when one can’t meet the client is fraught with difficulties, but with good communication is possible. What we did was to provide a first preliminary sketch for approval (Fig 1).




Fig 2

Once we knew that the client was happy with the idea, I then did a tonal under-painting, and again submitted that for approval. (Fig 2).  Finally, the painting was completed and allowed to dry for a few days, and then photographed and the image e mailed to the client. When we were all sure we were happy  with the end result, payment was made by bank transfer, and the painting packed and dispatched. It’s an unusual way to work , but it IS a way to work, and I was very grateful for the support.